Making the Most of Fair Work Resources 

The world of Fair Work is a minefield, so it makes sense to make the most of the resources they have available. 

Here are a few you might find useful: 

    • Subscribe – sign up to receive emails and keep up to date with important workplace issues. Your preferences can be selected to ensure you receive tailored information regarding your award and industry.  Subscribe here Fair Work Ombudsman – Subscribe to email updates 
    • Fact Sheets – these provide information and advice on a range of topics around minimum workplace entitlements, rights & obligations etc.  These can be found at Fact sheets – Fair Work Ombudsman 
    • Best Practice Guides – these aim to help small business and employees with a range of workplace issues.  Each guide has a checklist to help achieve best practice.  Take a look and see if any could be of help  Best practice guides – Fair Work Ombudsman 
    • P.A.C.T – the Pay & Conditions Tools – This area of the website provides you with handy calculators to assist with the following and can be found at P.A.C.T Home – ( 
          • Pay calculator – to help determine correct rate of pay and allowances applicable
          • Leave Calculator – calculates how much Annual Leave & Loading & Sick and Carers Leave has accumulated
          • Notice & Redundancy Calculator – calculates entitlements when employment ends including notice to be given & redundancy pay 
    • Templates – includes interactive template tools and downloadable templates and letter to help you manage a wide range of workplace obligations.  Templates – Fair Work Ombudsman 

Recent updates that may be relevant to you:

      • Updates to Fair Work Information Statements – employers must give every new employee one or more information statements when they start work.  All new employees must receive the Fair Work Information Statement, regardless of their employment type.  These can be found at Fair Work Information Statement – Fair Work Ombudsman.  If the employee is: 
            • a casual, they must also receive the Casual Employment Information Statement 
            • employed for a fixed term, they must also receive the Fixed Term Contract Information Statement
      • New Resources for the Building & Construction Sector – The building and construction sector is a regulatory priority for the Fair Work Ombudsman. Their website has tailored information and advice Building and construction industry – Fair Work Ombudsman that details: 
            • what type of work is covered by the building and construction industry, and what awards apply
            • workplace protections and the role of unions in the industry 
            • rules about what employees get at work, such as minimum wage and overtime pay 
            • allowances for employees working in the industry 
            • entitlements for apprentices 

While the above are handy resources, they won’t tick all the boxes for your HR needs.   Researching online to find your own answer can be daunting, time consuming and will not always land you with the correct answer.  

Often complex and sticky HR issues arise. In these situations, nothing beats being able to talk openly and honestly with a person who is a specialist in this field about your exact circumstances.   

If you are needing this type of help please reach out so we can connect you with a local HR Consulting business we work with.

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