Industry leader Xero have recently announced that there are further increases coming to their pricing.


We are hearing it across many sectors and all over the media of late, I am sure you are too! Costs of living generally have increased across the board! Paralleling into business, industry leader Xero have recently announced that there are further increases coming to their pricing. You may have recently received an email or other communication from Xero directly about these changes.  

There is no need to stress, as, Xero will move you to their new plans in phases and there should be no disruption to your file.   

The benefits of using Xero are evident as they continue to push forward with innovation and integration to support small businesses. The Xero platform was designed specifically for the needs of small business and they continue to listen, update and improve all facets of the software.  

Xero is a market leader and recent data shows that it is still the frontrunner in the accounting software space in 2024. For that reason, the Beam Team are fully certified in the Xero software and we continue to stay up to date with any new features they release. Such a powerhouse!  

Xero currently has over 800 third party integrations and is therefore suitable for most types of small businesses and industry sectors. Xero also manages backups, upgrades and using cloud software means real time bookkeeping for all users! As one of the industry leaders, Xero adheres to the strictest cloud security standards and has multiple layers of protection for personal and financial information. Xero publishes security assurance reports which you can download and find out more here 

As you can see, Xero is still the place to be! At Beam, we recommend Xero for most businesses, and this price increase does not change our view on this. The improvements and enhancements far out way the increase. Some people may think, is it time for a software change? Our answer to this is simple…if Xero is working for you currently then NO don’t change, as the cost of changing software’s can be extensive! Take into consideration, the setup, the rework, the training of staff and the additional work required for end of year financials and payroll if in different software’s.   

From 1 July 2024, the cost of Xero Business plans will increase across Australia. Xero are also making changes to its plan offerings and names and some plans will no longer be available.   

This move will begin with current Premium 10 – 100 subscribers – you will be moved to the equivalent tier Ultimate Plan (with Ultimate Pricing) on 1 July 2024.  

Xero intends to move all subscribers to the new plans by March 2025.  

A full snap shot of all plan increases can be found here 

Whether you hold your Xero subscriptions directly, (that is, you pay Xero for your subscription), or whether we hold your Xero subscription, Xero’s pricing changes will take effect from 1 July 2024.  

For more information about the upcoming price changes, please visit Xero’s website here –

If you’d like to check which Xero subscription level you are on, or if you have any questions, please get in touch here 

We are confident that Xero will continue to stay ahead of the game and continue to keep small business front of mind. Beam will continue to be experts in Xero! 

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