New Employee? 
What docs must you give them?

So, you have a new employee starting! What documents must you give them before or when they start?

It is best practice to include the following things.  They help set the scene to give the employer/employee relationship the best start possible and minimise the opportunity for confusion and misunderstanding down the track: 

  • Employment Contract 
  • Position Description 

While we advocate every effort be taken to have them in place, let’s be honest, in practice they don’t always happen.   

If you need help in these areas reach out and we will connect you with the help you need. 

In the meantime, there are a short list of documents you MUST provide by law.   

These require little effort on your part but are critical.  Apart from the fact they provide you with essential information you need to process payroll correctly, they could be asked for in the event of an audit and penalties imposed if not issued/collected once completed.   

We have provided links to these documents so you can access them easily whenever needed:

These must be given to the employee, completed by them and returned to you: 

These must be given to the employee to read and retain:

Other important information you will need and should ask for: 

  • Email address to send Payslips to 
  • Bank Account details for pay to be deposited into 
  • Phone Number 
  • Emergency Contact details 

The more of the above you have in place when an employee begins, the smoother your journey as employer/employee will be. 


If you need help in these areas reach out and we will connect you with the help you need. 

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