New Report in Xero – Income & Expenses by Contact

Xero has released a new report, Income & Expenses by Contact, that we are already finding to be a valuable addition.  So much so we wanted to bring it to your attention.  

Essentially, this report shows income received and/or expenses incurred net of GST for a desired date range per Contact or Contacts.  Filters can be applied to refine this report further to suit your exact need including drilling down into the actual transactional data and its source.   

This report provides greater insights and powerful analytics to empower businesses and their advisors with a detailed and real-time understanding of income, spending habits and patterns. 

To run the report 

  1. In the Accounting menu, select Reports. 
  2. Find and open the ‘Income and Expenses by Contact’ report.  This is located in the Payables and Receivables Section or you can use the search field in the top right corner to locate it.
  3. Select a Date range. You can also click the arrow  next to the date to choose a set reporting period, e.g. This month or This quarter. 
  4. Select any other options you want the report to show and use the Filter Button under the date range to refine the Contacts you wish to view and the Type of transactions you want included (Income, Expenses or Both) 
  5. Click Update to run the report. 
  6. Any number in blue or is underlined when you hover the curser over it can be clicked on to drill down into the transactions data making up the total. 

We suggest you take a look at this report. We are sure you will come to love it and find it super useful in the future. 

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