New Xero Feature – Payroll History

This update has been on our industry’s wish list for a very long time. Xero has finally made it a reality and the update is now live for all Xero files with Payroll.
The feature update means you now have an easy-to-access and visible audit trail of changes made within Xero Payroll to better understand, track, manage and troubleshoot changes made in payroll related areas.

With payroll history, anytime anyone makes a change (including third party apps like Deputy or Tanda) it’s captured and displayed in Xero including when the change was made, by whom and details of the change made.

The other benefit this feature offers is a busines now has a single source of truth as to changes made across business owners, bookkeepers and accountants, which assists with protection of fraud.

Where will I find Payroll History?

Payroll admins can access the History table within Xero Payroll. Here’s how:

  • Click on Payroll
  • Click on Employees
  • Select the Employee you want to look at
  • Click into the relevant tab within the Employee’s record and scroll down to the base of the tab
  • Click on History
  • View the history of changes relating to that tab in the Employee’s record.

If you’d like to read further the full Xero Blog is available here:

We’re excited about this new feature and hope you are too!

The Team
Beam Bookkeeping

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