Your STP2 Transition

You may notice in your payroll software this month that software providers have added in regular alerts to remind you that the STP2 transition deadlines are approaching.

We ask that you please do not click on any prompts/alerts that may appear in Xero regarding STP2 if we are engaged to do this for you – as soon as your transition is complete we will advise you by email. We are making good progress on this body of work and will ensure your transition is actioned by the appropriate deadline.

If we don’t process your payroll and you’d like us to take care of this for you, please click the ‘Get in Touch’ button below.

We also wanted to bring a few things to your attention so you are prepared in the event that you or an employee see something unfamiliar or new:

  1. As part of the transition we may need to setup new pay items to make your business compliant. We may also need to split some pay items into several new pay items.
  2. Some pay items that can no longer be used will need to be archived. Any archived items that have been including in a pay run from 1/7/22 will continue to appear on payslips until 30/6/23.
  3. In MYOB pay items cannot be archived if they have been used in a pay run since 1/7/22. In this case we are inserting ZZZ in front of the pay items name to alert the payroll processer to the fact that this pay items should no longer be used.
  4. For the reasons above payslips during this year of STP2 transition may start to look different to what employees are used to seeing, however from 1/7/23 the archived items will drop off and payslips will start to look more streamlined going forward.
If you have any concerns or questions around STP2 please reach out to Belinda Bray [email protected] or Deb Mirisch [email protected]

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